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Dr. Israel Villasenor

Dr. Israel Villasenor Photo Dr. Israel and his wife, Diana Villasenor, have founded a thriving Health and Wellness Clinic in Henderson, Nevada. “Dr. V.,” as his patients call him, started his second successful career as a chiropractor after graduating from Life Chiropractic University. He practices a unique type of chiropractic that moves bones without resistance; this, along with his nutritional testing and counseling, has placed Dr. V’s Alternative Care into the forefront of the wellness revolution. He offers cold laser therapy and axial lumbar spinal decompression to name only two of the latest technologies in the medical field. To add to his arsenal for wellness care, Dr. V provides a full line of Body Wise products. He has found the weight loss program and vitamin supplements to be second to none. He says, “I use Body Wise products because they are the best and I get results.”